Tasty Sharon fruit salad

Sharon fruit salad (persimmon fruit)

A great lover of both salad and fruit I very often combine the two together.  Today I am having a Sharon fruit salad. Not only does the salad taste great but it’s full of goodness also.

The fruit was first cultivated in China thousands of years ago and has been grown in Britain since 1629.

The Sharon fruit has more names than any other fruit.

In Britain it used to be called the “date plum”, in Israel it was called the Sharon fruit.  In Britain it now just referred to as “persimmon”.


The fruit contain twice as much fibre as an Apple and are rich in calcium, magnesium and iron. In ancient Greece it was known as “the fruit of the gods” and once you have tasted it you will understand why.

The deep Orange fruit looks a little like a giant tomato and taste very sweet, like honey. Sharon fruit are also high in Beta-carotene.

The juice from this fruit is also said to lower alcohol in the

blood stream thus alleviating hangovers.

Ingredients ingredients

1/4 Sharon fruit

3 Baby plum Tomatoes

1/4 Cucumber

6 Black olives

1 Lettuce leaf

1/2 teaspoon Chilli flakes

1 tablespoon Sunflower seeds

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