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Please note that all reviews on this site are my own personal opinion from using the said mentioned products. I have not been paid to review these products nor have I receive them free with a view to reviewing them.  The products have been purchased and tried by myself and I merely write these reviews to pass my experience of the products on to others. 

Sensitive skin causing you problems?

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Having very sensitive skin has caused me quite a few problems over the years. I haven’t used soap on my face since I left school (and that was quite a while ago now).  I found that  if I used soap my skin would itch and I would develop red blotches all over my face leaving looking like I had done ten rounds with a boxer.  

I could use soap on the rest of my body, just not my face, so I began to use cream to clean instead of soap.

After using cream my skin didn’t  itch as much but it still went red for 30 minutes or so after I had cleaned my skin, that’s when I began to learn that it was the ingredients that were in the products that were causing me the problems. This is when I began to look for skincare products that were made from natural ingredients.

Over the years I have tried many products for both my face and body and you can find information on some of these products listed under product review on the main page. I hope that you will find them useful.

Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know if you have used any of the products and let me know how you got on.




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