Pimp up that old chimney pot

We have all seen those old chimney pots lying around peoples yards or on tips but instead of throwing them away why not give them a lick of paint and add some sparkle to your garden in the process.  My neighbour was throwing an old one away so I salvaged it and gave it a little face-lift.

group of old chimney pots

Firstly I sanded it down to remove any dirt and loose flakes.  Then I painted it with a pale green paint with you can use on pot amongst other things. Then I stuck some glass beads and shells onto with a strong glue.  I decided to give it a seaside theme as I had a few shells and plastic starfish hanging around just waiting for a project like this one.

I am pleased with the result and it didn’t cost me a penny as I just used bits and bobs that I already had in the shed. CHIMNEY POT AFTER PAINTED

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