Making the most of your hallway

Making the most of your hallway

I decided whilst I was renovating the house that I would make a more inviting hallway to my home.

I wanted to change the dark square looking hall into a more welcoming entrance. Old hallway

Before the renovation the hallway had a large wasted square and a narrow claustrophobic corridor.

I had decided to move the entrance door from the side to the front of the house so this also gave me the opportunity to make the hall wider and lighter.


I opted for glass panels at either side of the entrance door so that this would give more light to the hallway.  There is a street light opposite so this also gives me light through the glass at night also.

I replaced the one main light with 3 wall lights and redecorated with a gold glitter wallpaper and hung some large picture in gold coloured frames and now it looks much bigger and brighter. newhallway

If you want your hallway to look less narrow and claustrophobic but dont want the cost and hassle of a rebuild then try these simple tips:

  • Hanging pictures or mirrors on walls to brighten up the space.
  • Painting the walls White or cream. If like me you are not a lover of all White walls then just use a light colour and paint the doors and woodwork White or cream
  • Place lighting in lines alone the ceiling (I could have placed 5 or 6 lights along my ceiling) which would have given more light
  • Place a large mirror at the end of your corridor, this will give an illusion of your hall being longer.

As you can now see my hallway is much more light and inviting.



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