How to paint with a roller

Decorating with a roller and getting a good finishold man with paint roller

Firstly if you are buying a new roller and think at some point you may need to attach an extension pole then you should buy a roller with a screw-thread at the end so that you may attach a pole when required.  Also you need to think about the area you are going to paint and the kind of finish you want.  The shorter the fibres the smoother the finish you will get.

  1. If you are using a fleece roller that hasn’t been previously used then it is always advisable to remove any loose fibres first, this can be done simply by wrapping some sticky tape (brown or clear will do) around the fleece and then peel off, any stray fibres will come off onto the tape.
  2. If you are starting on the walls it is much easier to do all the cut-ins around the ceiling with a brush first and whilst the cut-ins are still wet use your roller and glide into the brush area as this will stop overlap marks showing.
  3. Load the roller fully with paint as this will help cut down on spatter. Gently roll it back and forwards over the tray until there are no drips on the roller and begin.
  4. Always clean the roller with lukewarm water after each use.

tip logoIf you are using water-based paint and need to stop painting for a short while wrap your roller or brush in Clingfilm, this will keep them moist and you won’t need to wash them through.  I have done this and left for 2 days (by accident) and the brush and roller was still fine to carry on painting without the need to wash through again.




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