Decking makes a WOW in the garden

Adding a deck to your garden not only looks great it adds functionality as well.

Why not add some WOW to your garden by adding a decking or simply have one on the old lawn where the grass won’t grow. Not only will it look great but it can open up your living space. You’ll get somewhere to sit and relax or simply use it to extend your eating area on a warm evening or simply somewhere for the children to play.

The designs and cost are varied so there will be something for every budget or of course there is the good old DIY.deck1

You don’t need to be a carpenter to do DIY there are some good decking kits available out there and you can go as basic or as grand as you like. If all depends on what you want to use it for.

You can have free-standing decking at the bottom of your garden or attach one to your house as I have done. You could go for a raised deck or a flat one, maybe you want a space for your hot tub (best not to have a raised deck for this due to the weight) the possibilities are endless.

Types of Decking Material

Pressure treated Timber – likely to twist or split. Low cost and most used. Last  around 10-15 years. Needs annual  cleaning and staining or preserving every 2 years. Usually pine.

Redwood and cedar are a more expensive choice and will also need an annual power washing and preserving/staining  every three years.

Tiles – good for on top of small flat areas, medium cost. Can be cut to size. Plastic or wood. Easy slot together.

Composite – cost a lot more but low-maintenance so you will save on re-painting or staining over its lifetime. No splintering and looks like wood. Come in different colour’s. No need for sealing or staining. Last around 25-30 years


Things to consider

  • Do you want the sun on the deck or the shade?
  • Does privacy matter?
  • Do you want it raised or flat?
  • Do you need to obtain planning permission?
    raised deck     Planning permission is not required if:

The decking is no higher than 30cm above the ground
The decking covers no more than 50% of the garden area (this included other extensions, sheds etc).
                                            Check your local council planning page for further details.

  • Do you want handrails and balustrades?
  • Do you want a free-standing deck or decking attached to the house
  • What do you want to use the decking for? If you want to use it for dining then you will need to take into consideration the size of the table and the room the chairs will take up when pulled out. Remember you will need to have space around the chairs, you don’t want to fall off the deck when you push your chair back.
  • How much material you will need and the cost. decking calculator


Decking Plans


Decking plans

Additional items for your deck


Deck panels


Privacy Screens



Whether you choose to build your own decking or to get someone in to do the job for you, your sure to add a lovely additional garden space to chill out and relax on a warm summers evening.

The materials you select may depend on your budget or your desire  to have a low maintenance option, whatever the case dont forget to take into account the full final costing as adding those rails, balustrades, lighting and pergola parts all add up. You could start with something basic and add to it as and when money permits, if finances are an issue.

Lastly I hope that adding that special decking space brings you as much joy as mine brings to me.

Happy lazy evenings.

back deck




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